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Certifications include:

Florida certified building contractor #CBCO52083

NCPF Certified Pool Operator

ACPA Certified Pump Operator

What We Do

We teach and train people how to build safely and cost effectively, with 3D panel.  Train operators to safely and efficiently apply wet or dry mix shotcrete.  We also train in selecting the proper mix design for site specific operations.

Previous experience (Keven Lubben) includes eight years as project manager building apartment buildings and condo developments.  Three years job forman, superintendent.  Very experienced in concrete, carpentry, plumbing, electrical and operating heavy equipment.

(Edie Lubben)
Four years working with 3-D panel and shotcreteing.  ACPA certified pump operator.


Current Experience
(Keven Lubben)

20 years working with 3-D panel.  Worked with eight different panel manufacturers, building single family homes, schools, government buildings and 3-story condo’s.

20 years wet and dry shotcreteing walls, roofs and ceilings.

20 years of teaching 3D panel building and training pump operators, noselman and mix design for a specific job site.

Member of American
Shotcrete Association
and American Concrete
Pumping Association.

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